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Complete Colon Care


“VitaHealth Complete Colon Care is an advanced 100% natural botanical cleansing and detox supplement formulated with 12 gentle herbs which work synergistically to help cleanse your colon, support detoxification of the main internal organs and promote digestion health daily.

VitaHealth Complete Colon Care

– Supports cleansing and detoxification of the body to remove accumulated waste and toxins from the body

– Promotes regular bowel movements and reduces stomach bloating

– Promotes the growth of healthy, normal “friendly” bacteria in the digestive system

– Maintains proper digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats by the promotion of bile flow

– Provides antioxidant support

– Supports healthy glowing complexion that shines from within”

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Supports body cleansing and detoxification, Maintains healthy digestive system, Promotes bowel regularity


Each vegetarian capsule contains Dandelion Extract 200mg, Milk Thistle Extract 75mg, Ginger Extract 25mg and VitaColon-CleanzeTM Proprietary Blend (Burdock, Fennel, Aloe Vera, Wheat Grass Powder, Barley Powder, Prune Juice Concentrate, Kudzu Extract, Artichoke Extract, Licorice Extract) 138mg.


Take 1-2 vegetarian capsules daily, preferably with food or as directed by a healthcare professional.