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The Risk of Consuming Supplements In A Large Dose

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Supplements vs. Foods: Which Is The Best Nutrition Sources?

You can fulfill your body nutrition by consuming food and supplement. Both of food and supplements meet the needs of your body nutrition differently. The food fulfills the nutrition needs with another component, while the supplement serves the specific diet depends on the supplement types.


The plus of food: the contents inside food nutrition has many combinations and better function than supplements. Because the complete food contains the mix of nutrition plus other substance to maintain health such as fiber, antioxidants, and phytochemicals.


The minus of food: The content of balanced nutrition from the full food does not always fulfill the body’s nutrition. In several conditions, we need more specific diet from the normal. Let’s say when you are pregnant or suffer heavy bleeding during menstruation, and the body needs more intake of iron than usual.


The plus of supplements: The supplement can help you to fulfill specific nutrition needs which needed by people in several conditions. The advantages of supplements satisfy the intake of nutrition which the full food cannot meet it.


The minus of supplements: The consumption of supplement can be dangerous if the people don’t have the needs of specific nutrition which can cause the toxic effect if the intake pattern of food is over the limit.


Do You Consume Multivitamin Supplement Every day? Be Alert of The Risk. 

Since you were the kid, you always consume the multivitamin or vitamin supplement. The difference between both of them is the vitamin supplement only contain one type of vitamin. The multivitamin contains the mix of mineral and vitamin. Usually, the multivitamin consumed as a complementary of daily foods and drinks to fulfill the needs of micronutrition.


In the beginning, the multivitamin brewed for the people who lack nutrition or sick or need only certain multivitamin supplements. However, now the multivitamin has grown as supplementation for endurance, increase concentration, prevent the aging or reduce the body weight. If your food pattern has fulfilled the needs of nutrition, there is no need for you to consume multivitamin.


You cannot underestimate the risk of consuming the multivitamin every day. According to research at Journal of The American Medical Association on 2007 and another research on Lancet, England’s Medical Journal, has stated the surprising results about the risk of consuming multivitamin.


Vitamin A

According to the research on the Journal of National Cancer Institute, too many Vitamin A for the smokers can increase the risk rate of cancer disease by 28%. You can find the Vitamin A inside the product of beta-carotene supplements.

 Vitamin C

According to the Maryland Medical Centre, too many Vitamin C inside the body is too dangerous for people who have diabetic problems because it can increase the blood sugar.  Also if you consume the Vitamin C too much, there will be trouble on your kidney for a long term.

Vitamin E 

If you consume too many vitamin E inside your body, the expert believes that you will get a heart attack.


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