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Vegetarian – How Do We Implement Vegetarian Lifestyle?

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What is Vegetarian, Vegan and Their Differences?

For some people, both vegetarian and vegan are similar. However, there is a difference between both of them. Vegetarian is a lifestyle where people only eat the plants and not consuming the foods which come from animals like meat and poultry. However, vegetarians still consumes the product of processed animals such as eggs, milk, and cheese.


Differ with the vegetarian. The vegan is the tightest of vegetarian. Veganism means the lifestyle which tries to avoid any animal’s exploitation (including the food processor). When executing the vegan process, you need to prevent the ingredients such as gelatine, honey, albumin, whey protein casein, and some of D3 Vitamins.


We can see the marked difference between the both of them. Vegetarians disagree the animal murder for consumption, but still consume the product from the animal processes like egg and milk as long as the animal which becomes the source still available in enough amount.


The Vegan people have confidence that animals have rights to live and free to avoid being consumed by a human for production of foods or clothes.


How Do We Implement Vegetarian Lifestyle?

Since the vegetarian has become the most exciting lifestyle around the world, many people race to reduce consuming meat and switch into consuming vegetables. If they want to waste the flesh, they can absorb the meat which made from the vegetable protein. Most people believe that if they destroy the meat too much, besides they feel guilty after eating the flesh, they will feel like the fat man.


Recently, many restaurants have switched their menu to vegetarian foods. Most people realized that the most factor which causes global warming on earth comes from animal livestock. They afraid if no one can stop the animal livestock, global warming will be more dangerous for people inside the universe.


Let me give you tips on how to implement a vegetarian lifestyle:

  1. Reduce The Animal Intake Step By Step.

You can increase the consumption rate of vegetable every week. I recommend you to try to consume rice with vegetable soup or stir-fry vegetable.


  1. Selective To Find The Substitution For Meat.

Imagine that you are going to create a new recipe for yourself. This time, don’t add meat to your recipe. You can add some vegetables or beans to your soup instead of adding meats or chicken.


  1. Find The Vegetarian Menu and Recipe From Internet Or Books.

Since there are many vegetarian menus with the recipe on the internet or books, you can try to find the vegetarian menu + formula based on your taste. Alternatively, you can ask your family or friends who are expert in cooking vegetarian foods.


  1. Request The Ordinary Menu With Special Treatment In Restaurants.

When you have dinner event in the restaurant, sometimes it’s hard for people who eat vegetarian because most of the menu is not suitable for vegetarians. You can outsmart it by asking the waiter if they have noodles or not. If they have noodles, you can request the waiter to have noodles and mix some vegetables. If needed, you can ask the regular menu with the individual treatments. Let’s say you tell the waiter “don’t put meat on my meals because I am vegetarian.”


  1. Research The Vegetarian Restaurant.

If you are lazy to cook the vegetarian meal at your home, you can try to research the vegetarian restaurant on the internet near your area. Make sure the vegetarian restaurant is suitable for your taste before you decide to eat outside.


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